Dear Dr. and Mrs. Barradas,

I wish to express my gratitude for the care and attention  from both of you and thank you for repairing my broken tooth. Your generosity and concern makes me all the more aware of God's Providence and of the goodnes He produces in those who love Him while attending to the needs of those they serve in charity. The faithful performance of your skills, Dr Barradas, must have demanded a great deal of sacrifice and dedication throughout your career. The excellence of your dentistry manifests itself in detail and precision with an amazingly delicate touch. Thank you for receiving me as a patient and thank you to Mrs Barradas, your gracious and exceptionally efficient wife whose feminine touch permeates the atmoshphere of your office. I can only imagine how much more true this is in your home and family life.May God Bless you abundantly for coming to my rescure and for all the good you do.

Sr. Lumen, Missionary of Charities

A dentist you can trust and has the skill, intelligence, and experience to handle , advise all dental problems. Going to Dr Barradas is like visiting family.

Claudia Freeman

Dr. Barradas is extremely thorough in the treatments and exams he provides to his patients, especially during oral cancer screenings. Through out the years of visiting Dentists and Dental Hygienists at other offices, I have never had an oral cancer screening done on me. I never knew oral cancer screening is considered a standard protocol during a dental exam. He also makes sure to take the time to actually listen and talk to his patients which helps builds a positive Doctor-patient relationship.

Don Reyes

My family and I have been coming to here for 14 years. I have to say Dr. Barradas and his wife Hilda (office manager), and Michelle (dental assistant) have created a welcoming and safe environment fro families to come. i feel very comfortable with Dr. Barradas, he is very patient, gentle and very thorough. He answers any questions with an honest explanations. We have had a great experience here and will continue to come.

Yvette Sanchez

I am a patient of Dr. Barradas since 1984. I would not see anybody else. He sees me at a drop of a dime if there are any issues. I am here at his office today because my crown came off at 12 noon and he saw me at 2:30pm. He is flexible with his schedule. My whole family sees Dr. Barradas. He is very diligent when it comes to my teeth. He checks my lymph nodes to make sure there are no issues. I am very grateful for that.

Carlos Bustillo

I have been going to Dr Barradas for the past 15 years. I am an extremely nervous person when visiting the dentist. In fact, when I started going to Dr. Barradas I actually interviewed him and his wife. On my initial visit, I held onto the dentist chair so tight I thought it was going to break. Over my 15 years going to Dr. Barradas I have calmed down so much that during a root canal I actually started to “doze” off. Dr Barradas is very thorough and does a professional job. Of all my doctors, Dr Barradas is the most calming doctor (as far as calming the patient). I would definitely recommend Dr Barradas to anyone and I would give him a rating of 10+.

Bob Chin

I’m 86, and until my daughter insisted I go see Dr. Barradas about six years ago, I rarely went to the dentist because I was afraid. Now, I have no issues going to the dentist. Dr. Barradas always makes sure I’m comfortable and helps talk me through any procedure. I trust him and know that he will always give me the best care possible. I highly recommend him.

Doris C.

My family has been seeing Dr. Barradas for at least a decade, and we couldn’t ask for a better dentist. He is a knowledgable, patient, and caring doctor that always listens to any concerns I have and takes them seriously. He also thoroughly explains any procedures that he does, making sure that I am comfortable with every step of the process. The members of Dr. Barradas’ staff, his wife and office manager Hilda and his assistant Michelle, are exceptional as well. We never really have to wait and our appointments run smoothly every time we come in. Most importantly, I trust Dr. Barradas, and I know that my family and I are getting the best dental care possible with him. I have recommended him to many friends and family members, and they’ve all been very happy with Dr. Barradas, too!

Lucero Family

Dr Barradas and Hilda have been with Mabel and I over 20 years. We are so lucky to have the care and dedication both of them give to their patients. Dr. Barradas is always up to date on the latest procedures and great care for healthy teeth, gums, and mouth. Hilda, the office manager is always friendly and efficient. The best husband and wife team I have ever been associated with and that's hard to find. They also have a very good dental assistant, Michelle. We highly recommend all of them and we live in San Francisco.Thank you

Ben Wong